?Petbroad Go!??is an endless running game. One day some evil UFOs came to the Earth. People on the Earth cannot deal with them until the arrival of Aliens from the Speed Planet. Players can select different Characters and different Alien partners to defeat the evil UFOs, but the enemies will create obstacles along the roads and attack the players. Dodge them carefully and collect the Orbs with special powers to attack the enemies. Each Character and Alien has their own special skill. Finding the best combination of them can help you get stronger and get higher score. Compete with your friends from all over the world to see who can beat up more enemies!
Chasing Boy
A 16-year old boy who loves skateboarding! One day when he was practicing skateboard, he met a little Alien, and now they going to save the world!
Fast Mike
An Alien on the Speed Planet whose job is a UFO driver. One day it drank too much wine and the UFO carrying many Aliens accidentally fell down to Earth.